Civil War Bullets
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                                  3 ring                                         
                       Qty. 25 -    $38.75                                    Qty.  100  - $100.00

                                                                        Qty.  500  - $475.00

Offering shot and dropped bullets: Shot bullets are fired or slightly damaged Civil War Bullets.

         Qty. 300 Dropped 3 ring Bullets :   $420.00     hand picked
         Qty. 175 Dropped 3 ring Bullets :   $200.00     slight damage/not perfect
         Qty. 500 Shot Bullets                   :    $425.00    

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Confederate Gardner and Carcano .69 cal - S102

Two nice .69 cal. Confederate bullets from the Richmond area. 
Left bullet is a .69 cal. Confederate 2 ring Gardner shallow base. 
On the right is a .69 cal Carcano bullet. 

Recovered: Richmond, Virginia

Was: $105.00 Now: $80.00
Confederate Pistol Bullets - S103

Two dug Confederate pistol bullets. 
These are referred to as Richmond Lab pistol bullets.

Recovered: Richmond, Virginia

Was: $70.00 Now: $50.00
.69 cal Confederate Gardner Bullets - S106

69 cal Gardner group. 
Bullet on left is a fired gardner and the 2 on the
right are dropped shallow base CS Gardners.  

Recovered:  Richmond, Virginia

Machined Groove Bullets - S111

3 Machine Groove bullets

Recovered: Virginia

.54 cal Enfields - S115

3 dug .54 cal Enfield bullets

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Civil War Carbine Bullets - DS234

16 various carbine bullets. Group includes Sharps, Sharps ringtail,
Starr carbine and Merrill carbine bullets.

Recovered: Central, VA

Qty. 50 -    $77.50
Sharps Ringtails - DS239

Group of 5 Sharps Ringtail bullets.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Shaler Bullet - DS240

3 Piece Shaler bullet. 
Bottom not recovered together but great example.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

.58 cal. New Austrian Bullet - DS55

Developed for the Austrian Lorenz rifle.  Made in north Carolina.

Recovered: South Petersburg, VA

6 Various Bullets - BU150

Group of six various bullets. 
Included in the group: swaged 3 ring, 3 ring bullet,
CS flat base 3 ring, salvage lead bullet, .54 cal GA teat base and
a CS nose cast 3 ring bullet.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

.58 cal Confederate Teat Base Bullets - BU151

Two Confederate teat base bullets.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA