Civil War Bullets
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                       Qty. 25 -    $43.00                                    Qty.  100  - $100.00

                                                                        Qty.  500  - $475.00

Offering shot and dropped bullets: Shot bullets are fired or slightly damaged Civil War Bullets.

I also have Sharps Carbine, Williams Cleaner type 3, Pistol drop and shot bullets.  If your interested these bullets are custom quoted upon quantity requested.  Please let me know.


Custom Orders Available
Please contact me with any questions and pricing.

.54 cal Enfields - S115

3 dug .54 cal Enfield bullets

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Civil War Carbine Bullets - DS234

16 various carbine bullets. Group includes Sharps, Sharps ringtail,
Starr carbine and Merrill carbine bullets.

Recovered: Central, VA

Qty. 50 -    $83.00
6 Various Bullets - BU150

Group of six various bullets. 
Included in the group: swaged 3 ring, 3 ring bullet,
CS flat base 3 ring, salvage lead bullet, .54 cal GA teat base and
a CS nose cast 3 ring bullet.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

.58 cal Confederate Teat Base Bullets - BU151

Two Confederate teat base bullets.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Carved Civil War Bullet - DB-202

Whittled Civil War Enfield bullet found south of Petersburg.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Civil War Bullet Group - DB-203

Great group of various bullets found around the city. 
From left to right:  Sharps & Hankins Carbine, .54 cal 3 ring, Confederate 2 Ring Gardner, US 3 Ring, US Machine Groove and  Gallager Carbine Bullet.

Recovered: All from Petersburg, VA

Civil War Bullet Musket Nipple Protector - DB-204

Civil War Enfield bullet turned into a lead nipple protector
for their musket.  Great example found at a CS campsite south of Petersburg.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Group of 4 Mississippi Rifle Bullets - DB-206

Group of four bullets designed for the Mississippi Rifle.

Recovered: Fredericksburg, VA