Civil War Bullets
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                                  3 ring                                         
                       Qty. 25 -    $41.00                                    Qty.  100  - $100.00
                        Williams Cleaner T3                             Qty.  500  - $450.00
                        Qty. 50 -   $62.50

                            Sharps Carbine
                        Qty. 50 -   $70.00


Offering shot and dropped bullets: Shot bullets are fired or slightly damaged Civil War Bullets.

I also have Sharps Carbine, Williams Cleaner type 3, Pistol drop and shot bullets.  If your interested these bullets are custom quoted upon quantity requested.  Please let me know.

Custom Orders Available
Please contact me with any questions and pricing.

Group of Confederate Bullets - DI11

Group of bullets found in Confederate camps around Fredericksburg, VA. 
From left to right: 2 groove cone cavity bullet, CS nose cast,
Enfield bullet and crude .54 Southern Manufacture.

Recovered: Fredericksburg, VA

Carved Confederate Salvage Lead Bullet - DI17

Confederate salvage lead bullet that has been carved in an unusual way.  Possibly as a gaming piece. 
It came from a CS campsite along Crater Road.

Recovered: CS campsite Petersburg, VA

3 Different Enfield Bullets - DI12

Three different Enfield style bullets.  The first is similar to the
Marshall Enfield, second is the standard Enfield (wood plug still inside)
and the last a .54 cal.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Was: $23.00 Now: $19.00
Fired Confederate Gardner Bullet - DI19

This is a great looking shot CS 2-ring Gardner bullet.

Recovered: Bermuda Hundred, VA

Pulled CS High-Base Bullet - DI13

Pulled Confederate high-base 3 ring bullet.  .54 cal

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Was: $14.00 Now: $11.00
Two .69 cal Three Ring Bullets - DI20

Two great .69 cal bullets found along the coast of South Carolina. 
Both are in nice shape with a great mold seam on the right bullet. 
Also to note the left bullet has a slight diggers kiss from the shovel.

Recovered: South Carolina

Richmond Merrill Bullet - DI23

Richmond Merrill bullet.  It has a solid base and single groove
for .54 cal Merrill.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Group of Marked Civil War Bullets - DI25

Bullets that were found at Petersburg including
Smith Carbine, 2 pistol bullets and a
Sharps Carbine bullet.

Recovered: Siege of Petersburg,VA

2 Confederate Nose Cast Bullets - DI26

Two Confederate style bullets.

Recovered: Petersburg ,VA

Was: $9.00 Now: $7.00
2 Pulled Civil War Bullets - DI27

Two Civil War bullets that had been extracted from the barrel.

Recovered: Petersburg ,VA

Was: $7.00 Now: $5.00
Group of Bullets CS - DI29

Group of bullets found near Drewery's Bluff. 
All are dropped bullets from a Confederate campsite.
3 CS 3 ring bullets, 1 .69 Carcanno and a lube groove bullet.

Recovered: Chesterfield ,VA

Was: $39.00 Now: $34.00