Civil War Bullets
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                                  3 ring                                         
                       Qty. 25 -    $43.00                                    Qty.  100  - $100.00

                                                                        Qty.  500  - $450.00

Offering shot and dropped bullets: Shot bullets are fired or slightly damaged Civil War Bullets.

I also have Sharps Carbine, Williams Cleaner type 3, Pistol drop and shot bullets.  If your interested these bullets are custom quoted upon quantity requested.  Please let me know.


Custom Orders Available
Please contact me with any questions and pricing.

Group of 4 CS style .69 cal bullets - DSB301

Group of dug Confederate style bullets.  All the bullets are .69 cal style bullets and include a 3 ring foreign mold bullet, Carcano style bullet, large Austrian style or southern manufacture .69 cal and a 2 ring .69 Gardner bullet.

Recovered: Central VA