Confederate Buttons
Confederate Artillery Button - C016

Confederate Artillery two piece with tinned iron back. 
The button has woods crust on it and may be able to clean up a little more. 
Shank is present and no cracks or breaks in button.

Recovered: Petersburg, Virginia

Confederate Tinback Infantry Button - C010

Dug Confederate tinback Infantry button. 
Also a .58 cal Gardner bullet to go with this item. 
Button is missing its shank and shank marks are present. 
Nice crude Confederate button and is a great civil war relic.

Recovered:  Central Virginia

P.Tait & Co. Limerick Confederate I Button - C008

Confederate Infantry button produced by P. Tait & Co..  Limerick. 
Produced with a floating shank and were produced in England
and used on Tait's uniforms.  CS173

Recovered: Petersburg, VA


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Confederate Cast White Metal Infantry Button - C006

Dug cast white metal Confederate I button. 
Retains its shank but was hit by shovel when dug. 

Recovered: Petersburg, VA


Confederate Pewter Infantry Button - C002

Confederate pewter Infantry button w/ gilt still on front. 
Large cast one piece Confederate button. 
Missing shank.

Recovered: Fredericksburg, VA

Confederate Cast I Button - C030

Nice confederate cast infantry button. 
Has nice mill marks.

Recovered: Tennessee

Virginia One-Piece Confederate button - C032

One piece Confederate Virginia button. 
This is a great button to add to any collection. 
This button was silvered and has just a little on the front
and some still present on the back. 
Great button. VA3

Recovered: Culpepper County, VA

Confederate North Carolina Button - C038

Dug North Carolina Confederate button. 
Strong button that had a iron shank. 
Face has a minor push but
still a solid looking button. 

Recovered: CS camp, Petersburg 

Louisiana Cuff Button - W82

Early find Louisiana cuff button for jacket or kepi. 
Backmark is presnt but hard to make out. 
Shank present.

Recovered:  Fredericksburg, Virginia

Virginia Military Institute Cadet Button - W85

VMI Cadet button with Robinson backmark.  Very slight push to front. 

Recovered:  Virginia

Confederate Script Infantry Button - W87

Dug Confederate Script "I" button found in Petersburg. 
The back has some cracks but shank is present.

Recovered:  Siege of Petersburg

Louisiana Cuff Button - W88

Cuff sized Louisiana Confederate button
found southwest of the city in a CS camp.  Button has no backmark
and shank is present.  There is a little edge loss at the 11 o clock position
viewed on back .

Recovered:  Petersburg, VA

Louisiana Cuff Button - W89

Cuff sized Louisiana Confederate button. 
Button has no backmark and shank is present. 
The button does have a crack on the face left side.

Recovered:  Virginia

Confederate Artillery Coat Button - W91

Confederate Artillery button found at Petersburg. 
Button has its original tin back and shank is present.

Recovered:  Petersburg, VA

Confederate Virginia Coat Buttons - W93

Virginia buttons found at the same campsite southwest of Petersburg. 
Most likely off the same soldiers coat.  

Recovered:  Dinwiddie, VA

Norfolk Academy - W95

Norfolk Academy 15mm button that has a Scovill Mg Co backmark
and shank.  Very slight period push to face.  Many of this
schools graduates served in the Confederate Navy.
Shank Broken Off.
Recovered:  VA

Confederate Pewter Infantry Button - W96

Confederate cast pewter infantry button.  This is one piece button
and does show possible casting flaw on front.  The shank is also present
on the button.

Recovered:  South of Petersburg, VA - CS Hut Site

State of Virginia Confederate Button - W97

One piece Confederate Virginia button with
Young & Smith backmark.Shank came with button but not
sure if there was an attemp to attach it to the button.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Was: $140.00 Now: $120.00
Confederate Lined Infantry Button - W99

Confederate infantry button found at Petersburg. 
Button has a broken shank and digger put a light clear coat
on the back.  Superior Quality backmark.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Was: $130.00 Now: $100.00
Confederate Artillery button- DS635

Dug Confederate lined artillery button. 
Button has a nice smooth face but the button was hit in the back and
has bent the face slightly. 
Blank back artillery button with shank present. 

Recovered: North Dinwiddie, VA

Confederate Manuscript Infantry Button- CBW5

Dug Confederate manuscript I button found behind the CS lines at Bermuda Hundred in Chesterfield.  Button has the P. Tait backmark and Tait floating shank.  Button does have a period push in the front but has a slick patina.   

Recovered: CS camp along RT.1 Chesterfield, VA

Confederate Script A Button- DLR198

Dug Confederate script artillery coat button.  Button has an overall
chocolate brown patina with the Halfmann & Taylor Montgomery backmark; ALABAMB. inside the inner ring.  Found along Route 5 near Fort Harrison.

Recovered: Found along Route 5 near Fort Harrison.

Confederate Mississippi State Coat Button- DSM35

Confederate Mississippi artillery coat button found along
Boydton Plank Road.  Button does have a push on its face and
Hyde & Goodrich N.O. Backmark. 

Recovered: Petersburg - Dinwiddie, VA

Confederate A Buttons and Ordnance Buttons- DAS1

Group of buttons found in a Confederate battery. 
Group includes 3 tin-back Artillery CS buttons and 2 Ordnance buttons
that were all recovered at same location.

Recovered: Confederate Battery south of Petersburg.

$325.00 HOLD
State of Georgia Coat Button - PG119

Confederate Georgia state button. 
Horstmann & Allien NY backmark with shank still remaining. 

Recovered: Spotsylvania, VA

Confederate Cavalry Button - DS7

Nice looking Confederate cavalry button found in a small CS camp
southeast of Petersburg.  Button is missing the shank and has a the
Superior Quality backmark.  

Recovered: Prince George, VA

Confederate Cavalry Button - DS8

Nice looking Confederate cavalry button found in a small CS camp
southeast of Petersburg.  Button has a slight push in the front and a blank back with shank present.

Recovered: Prince George, VA

Georgia Military Institute Cast White Metal Coat Button - DS650

Confederate cast white metal GMI coat button.  Very scarce button. 
The button has very good detail and the GMI, CADET and 1851 are all still visible.  The shank must have been very fragile and snapped in half when dug
but has been re-attached.  Albert's SU128 - Tice's GAS290 / 20mm  

Recovered: South Petersburg, VA

Confederate Infantry Button - DS651

Confederate script infantry button. 
Great loooking button with great detail and an old find. 
Button has shank present and Isaacs Campbell London backmark.  

Recovered: Prince George, VA

Confederate Lined Infantry Button - BT10

Confederate lined I button with Superior Quality backmark. 
No pushes on face and shank is present on back. 
Great looking button.   

Recovered: Spotsylvania County, VA

Confederate State of South Carolina Coat Button - BT15

Nice looking South Carolina coat button with gilt present on front
and Schuyler H & G New York backmark. 
Slight push on front of button and shank is present.

Recovered: Fredericksburg, VA CS campsite