Dug Civil War Relics

Dug US Rosette - DS229

Brass US Rosette. 
Lead filled with attachment wire still present. 

Recovered: South Petersburg, Dinwiddie

Dug Carbine Sling Hook & Swivel - DS902

Great dug sling hook that Cavalry troops would use to hook their
carbines to while riding.  Has a couple areas of clear coating that digger
put on to stabilize. 
Recovered: Prince George, VA

Dug Battlefield Relics - DM111

Group of relics recovered from the Siege lines surrounding Richmond.
Included are various eagle and flat buttons, suspender buckles and bullets.
Recovered: Varina, VA

Confederate Buttons - DS904

Neat group of buttons that were found along the bottom of a
Confederate Battery trench south of Petersburg. 
Group includes 7 Infantry buttons and 1 Artillery button in a Riker case.
Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Petersburg Group - DM121

Small group of relics from Petersburg includes a Jaw Harp, swaged drop bullet
and a small pewter button
Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Heart Shape Martingale - D191

Great Civil War Cavalry relic found in Dinwiddie, south of Petersburg, VA.
Just saw another one of these that was dug in Gordonsville, VA.
Recovered: Dinwiddie, VA