Relic Collection - Page 2
Siege of Petersburg Relics - SP31

Nice group of Civil War relics found along the siege lines
at Petersburg.Group includes brass flat buttons, eagle buttons, bullets
and various battlefield relics.

Recovered: Battle of Reams Station

US Eagle Button Iron Hook Poncho Fastener - SP33

Eagle button with iron poncho hook attachment
widely used by both sides during the war.

Recovered: Along Halifax Road - South of Petersburg

US Cartridge Box-Plate - SP38

Great looking Union cartridge box-plate found along he siege line of Petersburg, Va. 
Plate has both iron attachment hooks and hardly no lead loss on back. 
Small ding on top of plate and scrap along middle of the back.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Carbine Butt-Plate - SP39

Dug Civil War carbine butt-plate.  Not sure what type it's for.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Early Flintlock Colonial Musket Butt-Plate - SP40

Dug colonial era flintlock musket butt-plate.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Virginia One-Piece Button - SP42

Dug one-piece early Virginia militia coat button.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA