US Cartridge Box-Plate - SP13

Great looking US cartridge box-plate dug at Reams Station. 
The plate has full lead back and both hooks. 
Recovered: Reams Station, VA

New pioneer relic hunter collection dug in the 1950'S and 60'S.  Enjoy the relics and please contact me if interested in any of the items; Great early finds of the Siege of Petersburg.  Thank You.
US Buckle - SP16

US buckle found long ago at Reams Station. 
Front has nice look but all hooks on the back are missing. 
Full lead back.
Recovered: Reams Station, VA

Dug US Buckle & Belt Adjuster - SP28

Great looking US buckle found long ago. 
Arrow-hooks and tongue intact and full lead.  Front has never been cleaned off. 
Belt adjuster comes with the buckle.
Recovered: Reams Station South of Petersburg, VA