Union Buttons

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Dug Eagle Buttons - US13

Group of three eagle uniform buttons. 
Buttons have there shanks and all three have extra quality backmarks.

Recovered: Petersburg, VA

State of Rhode Island Coat Button - US14

Great looking Union state of Rhode Island button found south of Petersburg. 
Button has a very slight push to face and shank is present.

Recovered: South Petersburg, VA

Rifleman Eagle Button - US21

Union eagle R button.

Recovered: Richmond, VA

Dragoon Eagle Buttons - US22

Union eagle D buttons.

Recovered: Richmond, VA

Was: $49.00 Now: $39.00 SOLD
US General Staff Button - US24

Great looking US staff officer button.  Button has a great look
for being dug( Gilt Remaining). 
Stand up shank and Superior Quality backmark.

Recovered: Fredericksburg, VA

Was: $55.00 Now: $42.00 HOLD
Dug Rifleman Button - US26

Nice looking dug Rifleman button found along a creek south of Petersburg. 
Both CS and Union relics found in the area.

Recovered: Prince George, VA

$65.00 SOLD
Cuff Wisconsin State Button - US24

Cuff size Wisconsin state button.  Extra Quality backmark and is missing shank.

Recovered: Richmond, VA

$42.00 SOLD