Relic Hunter
From Past to Present
Dedicated to my Father
For the past sixty-plus years metal detectors have been used to locate relics from the American Civil War.  Relic hunting is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby that has and will always stick with you.  Finding these relics of the Civil War was a hobby of many before metal detectors were even used.  Now the digital age is here and machines go deep and pick those small items right up.  In the early days of metal detecting a construction site had no issue with the relic hunter and even landowners were intrigued by the digger.  My dad bought his first detector in 1959 around the age of fifteen. The m-scope detector which used the old glass tubes to power the machine.  He was an original as I would say and dug till his pockets were full.

I now relic hunt with my dad but as a young boy I was the hole digger.  Dragging a shovel behind him as we searched for relics.  We would find a few relics here and there but when I got my own machine I was ready to go all the time.

A lot of forts and battle-lines were demolished when my dad started and finding a place to relic hunt wasn't to difficult.  Probably the hardest part was getting items back to the car.  Unidentified items were left as junk or not worth hauling around.  Unbelievable are the stories I have asked my dad to repeat to me about his relic hunting experience.  His mother would drop him off at a site before work and pick him up after work.  I couldn't imagine what my grandma thought about the things loaded into that car.    

Even though the good old days may be gone and relics don't come out the ground like they used to; the relic hunting hobby will always be around.  I really appreciate what I have learned throughout the years from my dad.  I can say that after fifty years of relic hunting that  he can still find the stuff  and the stories never get old.  Thank you dad for turning me on to an awesome hobby and lets go.

With a combined 75 plus years of experience between my father and I we have opened this online website to offer some great Civil War relics and collectibles.

Daniel Moody