Virginia Militia Plate - B6

Virginia militia shoulder plate. 
Plate shows edge dings and bend marks. 
No pin but shows solder marks.

Recovered:  Culpepper, County VA


Civil War Buckles
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Recovered: Culpepper Virginia
Union Buckle  - DS222

Dug US buckle with all hooks present. 
This buckle has the puppy paw style hooks on the back.   
Recovered:  Petersburg

Burnside Eagle Shoulder Plate  - DS223

Dug Burnside Eagle Breastplate. 
Nice example of this smaller version than the
regular version shoulder plates.     
Recovered:  Siege of Petersburg

US Arrowhook Civil War Buckle  - DS225

Another great looking US buckle from a Confederate hut site. 
Buckle has all the hooks and one weak spot at the top right.      
Recovered: Rebel Hut Site, Petersburg

NCO Shoulder Plate  - DS234

Nice dug NCO style eagle plate. 
     No attachment hooks present.      
Recovered:  Prince George, VA

Marked Eagle Breatplate  - S51

Nice marked eagle plate that has WH Smith Brooklyn stamped on the back.
It has 1 hook and green woods patina.
Recovered:  Siege of Petersburg

US Buckle  - S52

US buckle with arrow hooks. 
Buckle has all hooks and some leather remaining. 
It does have some lead loss and some cracks with repair up top.
Recovered:  South Petersburg, VA

Eagle Breatplate  - DS-51

Great eagle cross-belt plate.  Full lead in back but missing hooks.
Recovered:  Siege of Petersburg

Eagle Breatplate - DS-53

Dug Eagle Breastplate with hooks missing in back. 
Also has a scrape in lead backing.
Recovered: Confederate Hut Site Petersburg

State of New York Buckle - DS300

Great looking State of New York buckle found at a Union camp in Stafford, VA. 
The buckle has all three hooks remaining and full lead back. 
The face does show a little ground action and the face is flat with no
body curve to the buckle.  
Stafford, VA

Officers 1851 Belt Plate w/ Field Repair - S30

Early 1950 battlefield recovered Officers Belt Plate from the Siege of Petersburg. 
Stippled background and some gold wash still remaining
on front and back.  The belt plate has been modified for continued
use after losing the tongue on the back. Also notice the bencmark on the belt loop.
Great early recovery from Raymond Owen of Petersburg.
Recovered:  Petersburg, VA