Civil War Buckles
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Union Buckle  - DS222

Dug US buckle with all hooks present. 
This buckle has the puppy paw style hooks on the back.   
Recovered:  Petersburg

US Arrowhook Civil War Buckle  - DS225

Another great looking US buckle from a Confederate hut site. 
Buckle has all the hooks and one weak spot at the top right.      
Recovered: Rebel Hut Site, Petersburg

NCO Shoulder Plate  - DS234

Nice dug NCO style eagle plate. 
     No attachment hooks present.      
Recovered:  Prince George, VA

Marked Eagle Breatplate  - S51

Nice marked eagle plate that has WH Smith Brooklyn stamped on the back.
It has 1 hook and green woods patina.
Recovered:  Siege of Petersburg

CS Medium Forked Tongue Buckle - B97

Confederate forked tongue buckle with a break in the frame and a broken tongue. 
It is a period break and possible battle damage. 
The tongue was not found with it but is the match to this size buckle.

Recovered: near Brandy Sation, VA


Burnside Shoulder Plate - B101

Nice Burnside Breast Plate that has a period blade slice on it. 
The plate came out of a front line trench along the
Bermuda Hundred battle lines. 
Could have been a repair attempt or battle damage. 
Full lead and one hook remaining.

Recovered: Chesterfield, VA (Bermuda Hundred)


US Cartridge-Box Plate - B75

Great looking US box plate recovered long ago in the Reams Sation area
south of Petersburg.  Plate still has the dirt on the front and also has both loops
present and minor pitting in the lead on the back. 

Recovered: Petersburg, VA (Reams Station)


US Box-Plate - MO100

Nice US box-plate from the area of Reams Station. 
Found long ago by a local pioneer relic hunter. 
The plate has a nice patina and full lead back; one loop remains. 

Recovered: Reams Station / Siege of Petersburg, VA