Virginia Militia Plate - B6

Virginia militia shoulder plate. 
Plate shows edge dings and bend marks. 
No pin but shows solder marks.

Recovered:  Culpepper, County VA


Civil War Buckles
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Recovered: Culpepper Virginia
Dug Civil War Eagle Shoulder Plate  - PT4

Dug Civil War round Eagle Shoulder Plate.  Went ahead and cleaned the front off.

Recovered:  South Petersburg, Virginia


Clip Corner Militia Buckle  - DS202

Clip Corner Militia Buckle that has a repair hole punched
into it to continue its service.

Confederate used though. 
Recovered:  Petersburg

Was: $90.00 Now: $75.00
Union Buckle  - DS222

Dug US buckle with all hooks present. 
This buckle has the puppy paw style hooks on the back.   
Recovered:  Petersburg

Burnside Eagle Shoulder Plate  - DS223

Dug Burnside Eagle Breastplate. 
Nice example of this smaller version than the
regular version shoulder plates.     
Recovered:  Siege of Petersburg

US Arrowhook Civil War Buckle  - DS225

Another great looking US buckle from a Confederate hut site. 
Buckle has all the hooks and one weak spot at the top right.      
Recovered: Rebel Hut Site, Petersburg

NCO Shoulder Plate  - DS234

Nice dug NCO style eagle plate. 
     No attachment hooks present.      
Recovered:  Prince George, VA

Marked Eagle Breatplate  - S51

Nice marked eagle plate that is is marked: WH Smith Brooklyn.
It has 1 hook and green woods patina.
Recovered:  Siege of Petersburg

Was: $165.00 Now: $140.00
US Buckle  - S52

US buckle with arrow hooks. 
Buckle has all hooks and some leather remaining. 
It does have some lead loss and some cracks with repair up top.
Recovered:  South Petersburg, VA

Was: $145.00 Now: $130.00
Eagle Breatplate  - DS-51

Great eagle cross-belt plate.  Full lead in back but missing hooks.
Recovered:  Siege of Petersburg

Eagle Breatplate - DS-53

Dug Eagle Breastplate with hooks missing in back. 
Also has a scrape in lead backing.
Recovered: Confederate Hut Site Petersburg