Civil War Buckles
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NCO Shoulder Plate  - DS234

Nice dug NCO style eagle plate.  
      No attachment hooks present.       
Recovered:  Prince George, VA

Marked Eagle Breatplate  - S51

Nice marked eagle plate that has WH Smith Brooklyn stamped on the back.
It has 1 hook and green woods patina.
Recovered:  Siege of Petersburg

CS Medium Forked Tongue Buckle - B97

Confederate forked tongue buckle with a break in the frame and a broken tongue.  
It is a period break and possible battle damage.  
The tongue was not found with it but is the match to this size buckle.

Recovered: near Brandy Sation, VA 


Group of 5 US Box-Plates & Shoulder Belt-Plates - DS99

Group of Dug Plates.  Included in the group 2 Eagle Shoulder Belt Plates 
and 3 US Box-Plates for the Cartridge Box.  
Plates are all missing hooks but have good lead fill in their backs.  

Recovered: North Carolina (New Bern Area)

US Box-Plate - MO100

Nice US box-plate from the area of Reams Station.  
Found long ago by a local pioneer relic hunter.  
The plate has a nice patina and full lead back; one loop remains.  

Recovered: Reams Station / Siege of Petersburg, VA